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Resolution Health endeavors to assist their members in a happy, healthy life in all aspects of wellbeing.  They achieve this by encouraging active participation in three areas: Environment – promoting education on and protection of the environment, Education – Encouraging and supporting the education of individuals and communities to improve their health and lifestyle, Entertainment – Ensuring that members and communities have access to quality, productive entertainment to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Resolution Health’s Hospital Option, from R1,375 per month, remains one of the most balanced in its category.  This option is ideally for young and healthy individuals who can manage their own day-to-day healthcare requirements.  These are some of the benefits:

  • Unlimited hospitalization at any private hospital and unlimited in-hospital GP visits, as well as seven days, take-home medicine.
  • They offer day-to-day benefits for your PMB-related conditions like GP and specialist visits, radiology, pathology and dental surgery.
  • They provide quality cover for your in-hospital specialist needs at 100% of scheme rate.
  • They offer additional cover including oncology, unlimited HIV benefit, radiology, external medical appliances and home nursing.


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