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Standard Bank Universal Branch Code & SWIFT Code

  • Standard Bank Universal Branch Code: 051 001

  • Standard Bank Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

When it comes to making international payments, having the correct branch code and SWIFT code is crucial. In South Africa, Standard Bank provides a universal branch code for electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments, as well as a unique SWIFT code for identifying the bank during international transactions.

Standard Bank Universal Branch Code

The Standard Bank Universal Branch Code in South Africa is 051001. This specific branch code can be used when conducting EFT payments within the country. The purpose of a universal branch code is to simplify and streamline payment processes by providing one standardized number that can be used across all branches of the bank.

Standard Bank SWIFT Code

For international transactions involving Standard Bank, you will need to use their unique Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) or BIC (Bank Identifier Codes) address which identifies them globally. For Standard Bank in South Africa, their SWIFT/BIC address is SBZAZAJJ.

Standard Bank SWIFT/BIC Details Explained

The breakdown of letters and numbers in “SBZAZAJJ” represents specific information about The STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED located at Sauer Street 25, Floor 5 Johannesburg South Africa

  • SBZA: This refers to the bank code assigned specifically for Standard Bank by Society Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFTS).
  • ZA: Represents South Africa’s two-letter ISO Country Code indicating location/country origin i.e.,SouthAfrica.
  • JJ: This is the location code assigned to Standard Bank’s specific branch or office within South Africa.

In conclusion, when conducting international transactions with Standard Bank in South Africa, it’s important to have both the Universal Branch Code (051001) for local EFT payments and SWIFT/BIC code (SBZAZAJJ) for international transfers. By ensuring you have these codes handy along with all necessary recipient details ,you can easily send/receive money across borders efficiently while complying with relevant regulations set by respective countries’ financial systems .

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