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Every company is unique in its way, which means the risk of each business differs. What count for one might not exactly count for another, for instance, a restaurant will not have the same risks and liabilities as a building construction company.  A business plan will cover you and all the risks your business might hold, meaning that you do not have to worry about anything. If your firm is in trouble, you can claim from your insurance to help with any financial obligations.

There are different plans and offers for your needs like if you own a transport company that takes people’s belongings from one place to another, you can get truck insurance that included liability, indemnity or anything that you might require.

What can a business policy include to insure your company?

  • Cover for company cars
  • Cover for damages or loss of building structure
  • Cover for fire damages to anything regarding your firms like building or equipment
  • Cover for all your contents of your company
  • Cover for loss of finances due to gone record (destroyed during a fire or theft)
  • Cover for electronics (licensed software)
  • Cover for theft
  • Cover for anything glass related on premises
  • Cover against fraud
  • Cover for transit goods
  • Cover for accidental loss or damage
  • Cover should you be responsible for injuries or death of a third party or damages to their property (excluding car accidents) – public liability
  • Cover for shareholders or owners death, injuries or disable due to car accident
  •  Cover for risks

There are different offers available for the things that you like to be covered. This is why no business would get the same monthly premiums because no firm has the same risks. So, you can get quotes online that will suit the pocket of your company.

There are various types of insurance offers available in South africa. Check out the list below:

Various business insurance companies listed below:

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