Goods In Transit Insurance

What are goods in transit?

It is where your goods/stock/belongings get transported from one place to another. It is essential for you to have insurance if the goods in transit are high-value products. Keep in mind, South Africa has one of the highest theft rates in the world, and mostly it is inside jobs. Then there is the possibility of it getting damaged while in transit, you should have financial protection in place in case accidents happen. You, a business owner, should consider getting goods in transit insurance.

What does goods in transit plan covers?

  • Hijacking and theft
  • Intentional or accidental damages to goods
  • Nature caused damages like rain, hail, winds or floods.
  • Explosions or fire risks
  • Third party liability insurance

If your business is counting on goods in transit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, then you know what to do. You need to get insurance to make sure that if the day comes and something is to happen to your goods, you will have the finances to take care of the risk, losses or damages.

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