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Old Mutual Business Insurance

  • Do you own a small or big corporate business? Then, you know the struggle of running a company. There will always be issues to resolve, but one thing that you should not be worried about is finances. It is where you should think about purchasing the right Business insurance for your company. One of the well-known insurance companies is Old Mutual. Old Mutual business insurance is designed to help ease the stress of running a company. You can be sure that your money will be in good hands since Old Mutual is a well-known company with years and years experience in the field of insurance policies.

    What aspects can be covered with Old Mutual business insurance?

    There is a wide range of aspects; you know what elements are valuable to cover. Below follows a list of points:

    • Receivable accounts
    • All risks
    • Interruptions within the company
    • Electronic equipment
    • Employer liability
    • Fidelity
    • Goods in transit
    • Personal accident
    • Business activities resulting in legal action
    • Vehicles
    • Plant and equipment
    • All office contents
    • Public liability
    • Damages to material leading to a reduction in turnover
    • Glass
    • Money
    • Stock

    Old Mutual has a Greenlight for Business Work

    How does it work?

    First, a specific amount will be paid to the company if any business debt sufferers fall critically ill, get disabled, or die. Secondly, a lump sum will be paid out if one of the owners fall critically sick, get impaired, or die. Lastly, a specific amount will be paid out of the business if a key employer should get critically ill, disabled, or dies.

    Old Mutual business cover is only one of many insurance companies out there. The best will be to gather a few quotes from various companies and compare each benefit and price. It is essential if you want to pay less for the best.

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