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Professional Indemnity And Public Liability Insurance

  • When you have a business, then knowing what your risks and liabilities are must be a priority. After knowing what it is, a thing to consider getting is business insurance. There are a variety of types of business coverage to purchase, but you do not need every single option there is. You can only buy what is necessary for your company.

    Regarding business insurance, there are two suitable options to consider purchasing. It is professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

    What is the difference between professional indemnity and public liability insurance?

    Professional indemnity coverage you get for claims made by your clients regarding professional mistakes or negligence. For example, a doctor sees a client and neglect to see a vital symptom to make the right diagnoses. The patient gets a second opinion as a result of his health worsens. He can sue the doctor for negligence.

    Public liability is there to cover claims made by your clients as a result of injury, illness, or death brought on by your company. For example, an older woman goes to Spar for groceries. She slips on a wet floor and breaks a leg. No warning sign stated the floor is wet, so you should be careful. She can sue Spar for her injury.

    As you can see, both these types of business covers are significant, since claims can rise to hundreds of thousands. Does your firm have the finances to settle a claim? If you do not have professional indemnity or public liability insurance in place. It is a question each business owner should ask themselves.

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