Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance is a form of liability insurance that offers protection to employees or owners giving professional services and advice, as well as the company from settling the full costs of a fault claimed by a customer like a civil lawsuit.

Indemnity cover is designed to insure against pecuniary loss as a result of:

  • Failure to perform
  • Financial loss caused by something
  • Omission or errors in a product or service

It is due by the legal action that a general liability insurance would not settle. Everybody that owns a business or providing a service or product must have professional indemnity insurance. It will help you financially to pay all the issue related fees, as well as giving you the best possible legal assistance that you require.

Who should get cover?

Real Estate Agents



Nurses or Nursing

Financial Advisors

Insurance Brokers

Small Business Owners

Social Workers

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Type of Cover Required: