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Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance For Doctors

  • Doctors have specific medical insurance requirements when practicing, and this is why getting professional indemnity coverage is a good idea. There are so many risks that come with the job, and this policy can support you with the finances if something troubling should take place. It will cover all risks involved with your practice.

    Aspects Covered Regarding You Practice:

    The Content Of Your Medical Practice
    – The contents of a medical practice can be very expensive; thus it should be insured with the right plan.

    Your Money
    – Practice always have cash on the premises or in transit, and due to this, you would want it covered.

    All Business Risks
    – It is a comprehensive cover for anything lost or damage on and off the property.

    Public Liability
    – This coverage is important because it protects you the doctor and all personal against losses on a client’s property or injury/death (during the business course).

    Interruptions Within Business Aspects
    – It is protection for your business for things you did not plan for. It will cover all the unexpected occurrences.

    Protection Against Fidelity
    – It will cover you for any financial loss due to theft and fraud caused by an employee.

    Accounts receivable
    – It is protection for your business if there are any loss or damages on you account record or books.

    Employer Liability Plan
    – It is protection for you, the boss, in case of injury or death of an employee (within employment period) if found legally liable.

    There are various other optional aspects that you can add.


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