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SARS Income Tax Calculator 2024/2025 - UIF & PAYE


Welcome to our SARS Income Tax Calculator for the 2025 financial year. This easy-to-use tool is designed to help you estimate your monthly and annual tax obligations, including UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and PAYE (Pay As You Earn) contributions. Our calculator is tailored for South African taxpayers and incorporates the latest tax regulations to ensure accurate and up-to-date calculations.

Key Features

  • Accurate Calculations: The calculator uses the latest SARS tax tables to provide precise estimations of your income tax.
  • UIF Contributions: It includes calculations for your monthly UIF contributions, ensuring you are aware of your obligations.
  • PAYE Deductions: The tool also calculates your PAYE deductions, giving you a clear picture of your take-home pay after all necessary deductions.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter Your Total Monthly Salary: Input your gross monthly salary before any deductions.
  2. Specify Your Age: Age is an important factor as it determines your eligibility for certain tax rebates.
  3. Calculate: Click on the “Calculate” button to see the results.

Understanding the Results

  • Gross Salary: Your total earnings before any deductions.
  • Taxable Income: The portion of your income that is subject to tax.
  • UIF Contribution: The monthly amount you need to contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  • PAYE: Your monthly PAYE deduction.
  • Net Salary: Your take-home pay after all deductions have been made.

Benefits of Using Our Calculator

  • Simplicity: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to input your details and get instant results.
  • Up-to-Date Information: We regularly update our calculator to reflect any changes in tax laws and regulations.
  • Financial Planning: By knowing your tax obligations, you can better plan your finances and ensure compliance with SARS regulations.

Additional Information

For more detailed information about the SARS tax regulations and how they affect your income, please visit the SARS official website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.


This calculator provides an estimate based on the information you provide and the latest available tax tables. As this tool uses software to do calculations, we do not guarantee that it is always 100% accurate. Use this tool at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any errors. For a comprehensive assessment of your tax situation, we recommend consulting with a tax professional or financial advisor.

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