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Dial Direct Car Insurance

  • If you’re looking for a car insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage with customizable options, Dial Direct is an excellent choice. With multiple policy types to choose from, including third-party-only coverage or full comprehensive protection, customers can select the level of coverage they need.

    Comprehensive Cover

    For those who want complete peace of mind when driving their vehicle on South African roads, Dial Direct’s Comprehensive Car Insurance provides extensive protection against various risks such as theft and damage caused by accidents or natural disasters. Customers also have access to Assist Benefits through the Dial Direct Insurance App which includes emergency roadside assistance services like towing and medical aid in case of an accident.

    Payback Bonus

    Customers who opt-in for Payback Bonus will receive cash back after four years without making any claims – up to 25% off all premiums paid over this period! This feature rewards safe drivers while providing them with financial benefits at no extra cost!

    Off-Road Vehicle Cover

    Adventurous individuals using 4×4 vehicles require specialized insurance policies tailored specifically towards their needs; fortunately enough – Off-road Vehicle Cover offered by Dial direct covers these requirements comprehensively.

    Third-Party Only & Third-Party Fire And Theft Covers

    Those seeking more affordable alternatives may consider opting into either Third-Party Only (TPO) or Third-Party Fire And Theft (TPFT). TPO protects your liability if you cause accidental damages/losses/damages/injuries/death etc., whereas TPFT adds additional protections covering fire/theft-related incidents too.

    BetterCar Value Feature

    In addition to standard features included within each plan type mentioned above, BetterCar Value allows customers whose cars are written off due to unforeseen circumstances to get newer versions/models than what was previously owned before being involved in said incident(s).

    Assist Benefits via Mobile Application

    All policyholders gain instant access upon downloading our mobile application where Dial Direct offers several assistive benefits such as roadside assistance, medical aid in case of an accident or emergency and legal advice.

    Compare Quotes Online

    Dial Direct offers a convenient online quote comparison tool that allows customers to compare quotes from multiple insurers. This feature ensures you get the best deal possible while saving time on research!

    Safe Driving Rewards

    Customers who drive safely can earn up to 75% cash back every month through Dial Direct’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy by using our mobile application which assesses driving habits based on various factors like speed limits adherence etc., providing tips for improvement too!

    Bundle Policies & Save More!

    Bundling car insurance with other policies offered by Dial Direct (such as Home Contents and Buildings Insurance) could save you even more money – earning up-to-75% monthly cashback rewards depending upon your chosen Payback option(s).

    COVID Relief Efforts

    During these unprecedented times caused by due COVID pandemic, Dial Direct has provided premium relief options including adjusting coverages, offering refunds/cash backs where applicable along-with making donations towards supporting community efforts combating this crisis.

    Get Your Quote Today

    Whether it’s comprehensive coverage or third-party-only protection – dial direct has got all bases covered when it comes down to selecting the right type of auto-insurance plan tailored specifically according to individual needs/preferences. Get started today with their easy-to-use website/applications available at your fingertips anytime anywhere!

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