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Nedbank Car Insurance

  • About Nedbank car insurance

    Nedbank is one of the largest banks in South Africa with over 12 million clients. The bank offers a full range of banking services including savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards, insurance and investment products.

    Nedbank was established on 1 March 1888 and has grown ever since. It is a recognised financial services provider in South Africa and you cannot go wrong by doing your financial planning through Nedbank.

    Nedbank car insurance in South Africa

    In South Africa, car insurance is a legal necessity if you want to drive a car on public roads (if you bought a vehicle through a financial services provider).

    There are a number of different insurance companies that offer different levels of cover, Nedbank is one financial services provider that can offer you a car insurance policy.

    Nedbank can offer you any of the three types of car insurance options available.

    The most basic level of cover will usually only cover damage to another person’s car, it is known as third-party only car insurance.

    The second option is the same as above but includes fire and theft (hijackings, theft and break-ins).

    Lastly, comprehensive car insurance policies will also cover you for third-party liability, personal injury, and more.

    Find Nedbank car insurance contact details here

    If you want to get in touch with Nedbank instantly, use the following contact information and numbers:

    Number: 0860 555 111
    Website: www.nedbank.co.za

    Read more on Nedbank car insurance reviews

    Even though Nedbank has been in the financial industry for many years, you still need to read up on the company.

    It is the only way you will get a clear view of what you can expect to receive from them on a financial basis as well as a customer experience. There are various review platforms online where you can read more about them.

    Car Insurance Quotes Nedbank

    Nedbank can offer you a quote on any of the above car insurance options. You will have to contact them directly if you want to receive offers from them.

    Here at Clearwave, we can assist you additionally to receive offers and premiums from various financial service providers.

    You can then use these plans to compare with Nedbank to get a clear view of what you can expect from each company, as well as what Nedbank has to offer you.

    It is important to do car insurance research before you buy the first best policy that comes along. Comparisons help you to decide what cover you need and what you will be paying more or less.


    It is a good idea to get car insurance in South Africa since our accident count is high and you never know if the other driver has cover or not (likely that the third party is not insured). Nedbank can help you with a good car insurance plan for you can your vehicle.

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