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OUTsurance Car Insurance

  • OUTsurance is a South African insurance company that offers comprehensive car insurance coverage for cars and other vehicles. The insurer provides various benefits to its clients, including essential car insurance, motor warranty cover, Lady@OUT exclusive extras for women drivers and Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    The comprehensive policy covers loss or damage from theft, hijacking accidents flood hail intentional damages caused by someone else. If an accident occurs due to the client’s fault; OUTsurance also covers third-party losses or damages up to R5 million (or more if chosen). Liability cover of this nature ensures peace of mind while driving on public roads in case you are legally responsible for any harm done during an accident.

    Essential Cover

    For older cars worth under R125 000 not financed Essential Car Insurance is available with limited protection against accidental damage only but still provides liability coverage as mentioned above.

    Best Price Guarantee & Bonus Programs

    One unique feature offered by OUTsurace includes their best price guarantee where they will give you back money should they fail at beating your current premium when switching over policies. Additionally, after three consecutive claim-free years, customers can receive cashback through the Outbonus program which gives them ten percent off paid premiums returned in cash!

    Helpful Extras

    In addition to these features, there are many helpful add-ons such as legal medical assistance credit shortfall sound equipment bicycle watercraft personal accident insurance among others all designed specifically around individual needs! For those who need it most – like female drivers- Lady@Out has been created exclusively catering towards ladies’ requirements offering handbag security handyman callouts added safety measures both inside and outside vehicles etcetera making sure everyone feels safe and secure behind the wheel no matter what happens along the way!

    Low Flat Excesses & Approved Service Providers

    Another benefit provided by Outsurance comes via low flat excess rates meaning regardless of size value claims made customer pays the same amount every time. Repairs are carried out by approved service providers and guaranteed for 12 months ensuring quality workmanship is always delivered.


    OUTsurance offers comprehensive car insurance coverage with a range of benefits, including essential cover options, low flat excess rates on claims made through their network-approved repairers as well as Lady@Out exclusive extras designed specifically around women’s needs! With Help@Out providing emergency roadside assistance available to all clients regardless of policy type or level chosen there really isn’t anything left uncovered when it comes to protecting your vehicle from unexpected events that may occur while driving South Africa’s roads today.

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