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Virgin Car Insurance

  • Virgin Car Insurance in South Africa

    Car insurance is compulsory in South Africa if you want to buy a car through a financial service provider. The minimum level of cover you can get is third-party insurance, which covers damage you cause to other people and their property. It doesn’t cover you or your car.

    Virgin insurance is a good company to consider when you are in the market to buy car insurance for you and your vehicle.

    Virgin Money Car Insurance

    What are the benefits when you get vehicle cover through Virgin?

    • Virgin car insurance offers you the opportunity to design a cover that will suit your needs.
    • With the app, you have 24/7 control over your policy.
    • You can earn Velocity points (a reward system by Virgin) when you buy new car insurance through Virgin.

    Virgin Contact Details

    If you want to get a hold of Virgin, below is the contact information.

    Virgin Car Insurance Contact Number

    Number: 0860 21 21 80
    Website: www.virginmoneyins.co.za

    Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

    The purpose of having auto insurance does not just stop at protecting oneself from potential losses due to unexpected events; it also helps protect innocent bystanders from being held liable for damages resulting from any accidents involving one’s own insured vehicle. For instance, if an insured driver causes an accident which results in bodily injury or property damage inflicted upon another person(s), then his/her insurer will usually be responsible for paying out compensation costs instead of the driver himself/herself. This way, motorists are able to keep themselves safe from having their finances drained due to compensation demands made by victims of accidents they were involved in – even if they weren’t entirely at fault!

    Having reliable car insurance also acts as a deterrent against crime since criminals aren’t likely going after cars with comprehensive policies as opposed those without them – knowing full well that there isn’t much gain (in terms of monetary value) when trying break into these types of vehicles since payouts would only reach up so high under certain conditions specified within each policy agreement depending on how extensive the coverage was purchased initially . Moreover Insurance companies provide additional services such as roadside assistance and 24-hour emergency helplines which come very handy especially during times when you find yourself stranded without your usual means transportation because something went wrong with your automobile . Such features make getting automotive assurance more valuable than what people might think about initially , thus making it seemingly worth investing money into despite its costliness compared some other forms security investment like CCTV systems etc .

    Lastly , buying good quality car insurance makes sense considering its potential benefits outweighing its purchase price many fold over long run – plus it’s mandatory anyway according existing laws ! All things considered , obtaining

    proper automobile assurance should definitely be top priority anyone residing South Africa owning using motorized vehicles frequently ; otherwise he she runs risk incurring high penalties punishments imposed government authorities even worse endangering lives others roadways through negligence act breakage regulations set forth maintain safety citizens nation wide !

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