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Gap Cover in South Africa

What is Gap Cover?

There are a lot of medical schemes that have specific terms and conditions that you have to read and understand. At times your aid will pay a certain amount to the hospital, but you will have an extra amount to settle out of your pocket. The plan will provide for most of the hospital costs, but leave a small amount for you to cover. It is where gap cover comes in handy; it will settle those extra charges for you. You will not have to worry about where you are going to find the money to pay for it, and it will only cost you a small fee extra per month.

For instance, your medical provider only settles 300% of the hospital’s tariff and the hospital charge medical schemes at 500%. You will then have to pay the other 200% to make sure that your medical bills are paid. The 200% will be covered if you have a gap cover.

A list of gap cover companies:

These are a few well-know companies that will offer you the opportunity to get affordable gap cover. You can just apply here and we will send you quotes from various firms. You can then compare the rates and benefits of each provider and choose the offer suitable for you.

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