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Elixi Gap Cover

Unfortunately you don’t always put away money for the unexpected, but at least you have a medical aid scheme right? Does your medical aid scheme cover 100% of your in-hospital bills? Did you know that doctors and specialists will sometime charge up to 500%? Where would you find the other 400% of these fees to cover your bills?

This is where Elixi Gap Cover can help you. Elixi offers different gap cover options to suit your budget and lifestyle. It covers the expenses that your medical scheme doesn’t cover. The best part is that the monthly premium starts from just R209 per month and you will be covered for up to 500%} of your bills.

Gap Cover Plans Offered by Elixi

There are three plans available:

  • Single – Starting at R209 per month
  • Single Co-Plus – Starting at R279 per month
  • Executive Single Plus – From R345 per month

**Senior plans will start at slightly higher prices

Value Added Services

  • 24/7 Crisis Management Centre
  • 24/7 Access to Medical Professional Helpline
  • C5 HIV Prevention Programme
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Personal Accident & Funeral Cover

Elixi Gap Cover Explained in More Detail

If you are considering a gap cover for your car, there are several types to look at. First of all, you must decide where to buy it. Depending on what kind of coverage you need for your car and how much you wish to pay, there are many different options available to you. Gap cover in South Africa is only available through a dealership and requires a valid license from the South African authorities.

Another option is privately provided gap cover in South Africa. This type of policy is usually offered by insurance agents or companies that do not have a dealership business. It is possible to get this type of insurance for your car online. Most of these websites will ask you for basic details such as your name, address, birth date, and driving history. Then they will let you know if they can provide you with a quote for the type of coverage they recommend.

You can also contact a gap cover company to see what they can offer. Most companies have an online quotation system where you can choose the level of coverage you require. The prices vary depending on the type of policy you choose. Once you have compared the prices and procedures available, you can then decide which approach best suits your needs.

Gap cover in South Africa is different from the type of body you may take out for your car in the UK or US. For example, in the UK and US, you might be able to take out full coverage. This type of cover is recommended for those whose cars are older and who do not wish to risk their financial situation on repairs. Gap cover in South Africa offers no such protection, so you should be aware of this before deciding if you need this type of surface.

When searching for a company to provide gap cover in South Africa, you will probably find plenty of companies offering the service. It is essential to compare their products and services, as well as their terms and conditions. Remember, it is necessary to choose a company with plenty of experience, as they will be able to provide quality work and a fast response time when it comes to claiming your cover.

Gap cover for a car might seem like an insignificant expense to pay, but in fact, it can save you a significant amount of money if you need to borrow a vehicle temporarily. This cover can give you peace of mind as your car is covered during any period between your purchase and when you are ready to drive again. It may even cover you if your vehicle is stolen, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it if it is damaged. You could also find it suitable if you need to travel abroad for a few months, as your policy would still cover your car.

A gap cover for a car can be expensive, depending on the type of coverage you require. If you own an older car model, you may not want to go for the more expensive types of cover. An excellent way to save on this type of insurance is to choose a specialist provider, as they can offer flexible options that suit all types of budgets. It’s worth taking time to shop around and make comparisons.

While there may be a choice between several policies, the terms and conditions will vary between them, so it’s worth comparing the cost of gap cover on various policies. It’s also worth making sure you read the small print of any policy you are considering, as they are often designed to provide protection only for a particular set of circumstances. Some might not be suitable for your circumstances.

When looking for a policy for gap cover for your car, it’s worth finding a provider with some good feedback from consumers. As there are many different policies available, it’s worth finding a provider who has the experience and has a range of cover policies to choose from. If you are insuring a new car, then you should consider buying a specialist’s approach as they can offer the most excellent choice in terms of cover. They may also be able to provide you with further cover at a discount after the gap cover has been taken out, although it’s worth checking with any potential providers first. Whichever provider you choose to go with, you must read the terms and conditions of any policy you are considering, as these can differ considerably between providers.

For more information about elixi gap cover, visit their website here.

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