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Liberty Gap Cover

Liberty gap cover provides you with protection against the shortfall of medical expenses that your medical aid fails to settle.

What does this mean?

A lot of medical schemes will cover in-hospital expenses up to 100%, but the hospital can charge more than this. You will then have to settle the shortfall out of your pocket, and it can be expensive at times. Or there are co-payments on medical procedures that you cannot afford, if you have gap cover, you do not have to stress. They will settle the amount for you, and you or your loved one will get the treatment that you need.

Liberty also offers you an additional option for extended protection against unforeseen costs like dentistry or cancer treatments.

They have three options to look at, namely Universal, Essential or Extended gap cover. You can read more about it on their website at www.liberty.co.za. Or if you want quotes from various companies to compare rates and benefits, please fill out the form.

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