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Sanlam Gap Cover

If you are looking to get Sanlam Gap Cover, you will be paying R298 per month. They will provide for co-payments and the other amount that your medical aid does not pay for.

As all of you know, medical practitioners and hospitals can ask up to 500% the medical aid rate. In other words, if your doctor asks 300% of the medical aid rate, and your scheme only settles 150%, you will be held liable to pay the other 150% out of your pocket. Yes, it seems a bit unfair, and luckily for you, there is a thing called gap cover. It will pay that 150% that you cannot settle out of your monthly budget.

Tariff’s with Sanlam are as follow (individually or family based):

  • 0 -59 years of age pay R298 per month
  • 60+ years of age pay R700 (only because they are a higher risk)

Sanlam is a well-known company in South Africa, and you know that you will get value for your money with them.

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