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Affinity Health Hospital Plan

  • Affinity knows that accidents or serious illnesses can take place at any moment, it is why they created a hospital plan at an affordable premium for the people of South Africa. No one wants to go to a public hospital, but visiting a private health care facility is expensive. Public health services are weak and of low quality. A lot of the time treatments cannot be done in a public hospital.

    Affinity can provide you with a hospital plan with great benefits. They do have a network of a hospital to visit, yet it is still better than to go to a public hospital.

    Their plans start from as little as R1,028 per month.

    Some of the benefits to look forward to includes the following:

    • You will have cover for hospitalization for emergencies, accidents or critical illness treatment.
    • 24h EMS and casualty room advantages
    • Cover for pregnancy
    • You will receive cover for diagnostics and critical illness.
    • You have cover for day clinic procedures and sub-acute treatments.

    Your hospital plan will provide for hospital stays, food, specialist-, doctors-, nurses-, cleaner visits and all procedures in the hospital. These costs can lead up to hundreds of thousands. The average and lower-class people of South Africa is not able to afford this.

    There are a lot of other benefits offered with Affinity hospital plans. You will read more about it when you apply for quotes.

    Although Affinity is one of many affordable hospital plan providers, it is best to look around for other offers and premiums. Once you have compared each companies benefits and price, you will be able to get knowledge of what is the best option available at what premium.

    You can start here on Clearwave, we can help you get quotes from various health care providers in South Africa.
    If you have a family you know how important their lives are and will do anything to assure that they are in good hands.

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