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  • What is covered by a hospital plan?

    In essence, hospital plan benefits cover treatment received when an individual is admitted to the hospital. Treatment may be hospitalized, admitted, discharged or moved to another hospital. Hospital and related services, including theater costs, x-rays, medicines, blood tests, etc., are typically covered in full. Chartis have a few options to look at.

    There are many different types of hospital plans that you can choose from. Most of them have similar characteristics, which include comprehensive coverage for routine hospital operations and medical procedures, skilled nursing care, emergency care, hospital admissions and discharges, complementary health services such as chiropractic and physiotherapy, pathology, dental care and rehabilitation, and patient care administration. The other common feature is that most hospital plans cover the full range of inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient hospital services include the management of a patient’s condition during admission, recovery and discharge. Outpatient services provide guidance, instruction or support to the patient, such as guiding him throughout the recovery process. Sometimes, both outpatient and inpatient hospital services are covered in one hospital plan.

    In addition to covering the terminal illnesses and major surgical procedures, there are co-payments to be made. This comprehensive medical aid plan typically covers most of the medical costs, but you will be liable for a small co-payment. It also covers emergency medical assistance and prescription medications. In some instances, it will cover all hospital fees for the period the patient is admitted or discharged. If you have medical aid, you will also be covered for all hospitalization costs. Although a hospital plan can do the same for you, however, it does not cover out-of-hospital treatments.

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