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Health Squared Hospital Plan

  • What to know about Health Squared?

    Resolution Health & Spectramed have joint together and formed one company called Health Squared since 2019. They offer you the chance to choose between nine health schemes (medical and hospital plans). They offer you value for your money as well as affordable options.

    Hospital Insurance Plans – Why You Should Get One

    With so many things to consider when considering insurance plans, hospital plans are becoming more popular. The fact that they are available in South Africa is a bonus as it is one of the few countries in the world where a hospital plan is optional. As a country with one of the highest levels of infant mortality rate, hospitalization is a problem in this country.

    Hospital plans cover only in-patient medical costs including hospital fees, laboratory fees, and the fees of medical practitioners. However, these costs are by far the highest medical charges and you will also have to pay for out of hospital GP visits out of your pocket. Another benefit of a hospital plan is that if a member of your family needs urgent medical attention, you do not have to worry about the cost of hospitalization. Living in South Africa you know what the importance of a hospital plan is. You do not want to visit a public hospital here.

    Unlike hospital plans, comprehensive medical aid schemes in South Africa are more flexible and tailor-made for the needs of members of different income groups. They also provide more benefits when it comes to out of hospital benefits. Hospital plans are the cheaper option between the two types of health schemes because it does not provide for out of hospital things.

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