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Medshield Hospital Plan

  • The mission of Medshield is to provide access to affordable, high-quality healthcare through sustainable partnership.  Their vision is caring about you towards a healthier nation.  They are in operation since 1968 which means they are one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and most reliable medical schemes in South Africa.

    The hospital plan they provide is called MediCore and its available from R1,926 per month.  This hospital plan includes:

    • It gives you unlimited in-hospital cover in case of major medical emergencies.
    • CorePlus offers an unlimited in-hospital cover with certain in-hospital procedures paid at a higher rate (Medshield Private Tariff 200%), than the Medshield Tariff (100%).
    • This option has no day-to-day benefits and is ideal for young individuals.

    For more types of insurance, browse our site.

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