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Resolution Health Hospital Plan

  • Resolution Health endeavors to assist their members in a happy, healthy life in all aspects of well being.  They achieve this by encouraging active participation in three areas: Environment – promoting education on and protection of the environment, Education – Encouraging and supporting the education of individuals and communities to improve their health and lifestyle, Entertainment – Ensuring that members and communities have access to quality, productive entertainment to enhance their overall well being. Resolution Health have merged companies with Spectramed in 2019 and formed the company called Health Squared.

    Know What Services Stay Covered Under Hospital Plans Before You Get One

    A hospital plan requires you to pay a monthly premium as agreed upon between you and your provider. In return, they will pay all the costs when you are admitted to the hospital. If you require cover for medical treatment given outside a hospital, the hospital plan will not cover these expenses. These are out-of-hospital expenses, and therefore, they’d have to be met by your wallet. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The cost of critical care, for a patient at their home. There are a few health providers that can cover a nurse taking care of a patient at home.

    The term ‘medicine’ refers to a broad category that includes every medical treatment you can think of. All hospital plans cover the cost of medication taken in the hospital, as well as medication they provide you with to consume at home. The medications include antibiotics, painkillers, anti-nausea medications, contraceptive pills, glucose tablets, heart-lung medicine and cancer medications. Some hospitals even cover dental procedures, consultations with psychologists and chiropractors, and laboratory services (for blood, urine, tissue samples) when you are in hospital. For most other in-patient treatments, such as dental surgery, wound care and counseling, the cost of these will have to come out of the hospital plan. Treatments outside will have to come out of the patients own pocket.

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