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Life Insurance for HIV

  • To qualify for HIV life insurance, you must be on a program to live healthily. Although you cannot choose the coverage duration, you can opt for it if you are looking for a policy that lasts until you are at least sixty years old. The policy can be cancelled if you fail to pay your premiums on time. People living with HIV are seen as high-risk clients and most insurers do not want to take the risk of insuring you. Especially if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle like the abuse of alcohol or smoking. If you live HIV and have an unhealthy way of living, you increase the opportunity for Aids to take control.

    If you’re looking for a policy for HIV, you’ll have to be aware that only a few companies are willing to offer policies to people with the condition. Most of the major companies won’t offer coverage to those with the virus, and a few have halted their products entirely until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. You can still get a smaller policy from your employer or qualify for final expense insurance.

    If you’re looking for an affordable life insurance plan, you can look online for a company that specializes in HIV insurance. The ABI guide to HIV-related insurance aims to dispel one of the most common misconceptions surrounding the disease. The main reason that people with HIV are cancelling their policies is that they feel that they are unable to afford the premiums. The truth is that HIV doesn’t invalidate a policy.

    The few companies in South Africa offering life cover for people living with HIV have terms and conditions before covering you. You will have to take medical tests and agree to follow their HIV program to improve healthy living. You will have to test occasionally and adhere to all the conditions of the insurer.

    We at Clearwave can help you get life cover quotes for HIV from the companies that are willing to assist you. Just apply here for quotes and agents will get in contact with you. We know how difficult it is to find a company willing to provide you and your loved ones with financial security. That is why we are here to help you get what you need to make sure your family are taken care of.

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