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Elixi Medical Insurance

  • Medical costs are constantly rising, but this does not have to stop you from getting quality healthcare for yourself and your loved ones. Medical emergencies and illnesses are unavoidable, but would you have the appropriate healthcare when it happens?

    With Elixi’s medical insurance options, you can be assured of quality private medical treatment when you need it. It gives you access to unlimited private network GP visits, medicine and more. The best part is that you can get it for as little as R12 a day! It can also be used when your medical aid scheme’s savings run out.

    Elixi’s Medical Insurance Options

    Blue Plan

    This is for primary care and starts from R360 per month. It includes the following:

    • Unlimited Network GP Visits
    • Nurse Consultations
    • Limited Acute Medication
    • Basic Radiology X-rays
    • Basic Pathology Blood Tests
    • Pre-Birth Maternity Benefits
    • Wellness Screenings
    • Pap Smears
    • PSA Screening
    • Vaccination Programme

    Purple Plan

    Primary care + Accidental Hospital cover for up to R225 000, starting at R470 per month. It includes everything in the blue plan, as well as the following:

    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Access to Accident & Emergency Services
    • In-Patient Hospital Treatment (Accidents Only)
    • Out-Patient Casualty Treatment (Accidents Only)
    • In-Patient Stabilisation (Emergency or Casualty Only)
    • MRI & CT Scans (Accidents Only)
    • Physio & Occupational Therapists (Accidents Only)

    Gold Plan

    Primary care + Accidental Hospital cover for up to R1.1 million, starting at R569 per month. It includes everything in the Blue and Purple plans, plus the following:

    • Optometry
    • Chronic Medication
    • Basic & Emergency Dentistry

    Black Plan

    Primary care + Accidental Hospital cover for up to R1.1 million, starting at R739 per month. This plan includes everything mentioned in the above plans, as well as specialist visits.

    Elixi Medical Aid & Medical Insurance Exlplained

    Medical Insurance is a kind of insurance taken out by people for the safety of their life. It covers a certain amount of the medical expenditure of a person spread over several people or the real risk of an ordinary person taking out a medical insurance policy. The insurance companies provide different kinds of medical insurance coverage, which vary according to the government’s rules and regulations. Health insurance in South Africa is a very controversial area, as many issues surround it. One such controversy revolves around price and what the insurance companies have to pay for their services.

    There are two kinds of medical insurance – health maintenance organizations and medical service organizations. A health maintenance organization offers medical insurance coverage that is not available to patients covered by medical service organizations. Most HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) deductibles and also require co-payments. Sometimes, HMO’s restrict the treatment that the patient is eligible for. Patients with chronic illnesses are sometimes denied the right to avail of specific therapies because of their HMO’s restrictions.

    Medical Service Organizations offers a wide range of medical insurance options. It covers everything from hospitalization expenses to dental care, physiotherapy and home healthcare services. A few of them also cover other kinds of healthcare, like dental appliances and dental implants. A large part of the medical insurance in South Africa is pre-hospitalization expenses. These are medical expenditures that happen after a patient has been admitted to the hospital, but before he/she is declared dead.

    These pre-hospitalizations are mostly for minor ailments that can be treated at home. Many insured people in South Africa claim that the hospitalization expenses are so expensive that they cannot afford to be insured. On the contrary, many people have no medical insurance and have to pay for hospitalization expenses out of pocket.

    People who have critical illness cover are often those who are unemployed or have low income. If they are insured, they will need to pay a substantial sum as deductibles for medical insurance. The cost of critical illness cover might even exceed INR 5 lakhs.

    Critical Illness cover is a type of add-on coverage wherein the insured pays a certain sum every month beyond the deductibles. This amount is reimbursed to the insured once the critical illness starts or is diagnosed. This is an excellent choice for people who are very ill and might need to spend a large sum of money during the duration of recovery. In some instances, critical illness cover might also include additional benefits such as prescription drugs.

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    If you are interested in Elixi’s Medical Insurance, you can get more information or request a quotation directly from their website.

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