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Episodic Medical Health Insurance

  • Why consider getting medical health insurance from Episodic?

    When it comes to day-to-day medical cover, they give you to choice of flexible cover to pay for out-of-hospital costs. You can choose out of their comprehensive options starting from as little as R397 per month. You pick which level of insurance will work for you and therefore save on your monthly premium. You can add the day-to-day cover option to your medical aid or hospital plan to which it will suit your budget.

    When you choose to get a day-to-day cover with Episodic, you can add various options and build your quote. It is a way to get some health insurance that will suit your pocket and requirements. Add-ons include dentistry, medication, specialists, optometry, radiology and pathology.

    There are also other benefits that you can add to your plan that include funeral, hospital, accident and emergency cover. You can pick the above individually as well. You can opt just to buy hospital cover or funeral cover, you do not have to add anything else.

    Accident and emergency cover provide you with protection and get the necessary treatment from a private hospital in case of accidents or medical emergencies. Premium starts from R165 per month, but you can choose the level of cover you want that will have an increasing effect on your premium. There is no waiting period for this medical option. There is also a chance to add permanent disability insurance if an emergency or accident has lead to disability.

    Hospital cover from Episodic offers you a range of in-hospital benefits and access to private hospitals. You choose the options that will suit your needs for hospitalization, in other words, things that you want to cover for and things you do not. You will this way build your own premium and if you add the R58 option to your premium. You will be able to go to any private hospital of your choice.

    Episodic is one of many medical insurance providers in South Africa but is one to consider. Get quotes here today, to start your search for the right health scheme.

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