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Please note: Hollard has a shareholding in Dotsure.

As a pet owner, you understand the importance of providing your furry friend with love, care, and protection. However, unforeseen accidents or illnesses can occur at any time, leading to unexpected veterinary expenses. This is where Hollard Pet Insurance comes in – offering peace of mind by helping cover the costs associated with your fur-kid’s medical needs.

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Vet bills are often unplanned and can be quite expensive. With pet insurance from Hollard, you have financial assistance when it comes to covering these costs. Whether it’s an accident or illness that requires treatment for your beloved fur-kid – having insurance ensures that they receive proper care without putting a strain on your finances.

Choosing Any Veterinarian

With Hollard Pet Insurance policies in South Africa, you have the freedom to choose any licensed veterinarian within the country who will provide quality healthcare services tailored specifically for pets’ unique requirements.

Age Limitations

There is no upper age limit if you opt for Essential Choice coverage which covers accidental injuries only. For more comprehensive options like Prime Choice and Smart Choice plans, fur-kids between 8 weeks old and 8 years old may join. These two plans offer extensive coverage, and once enrolled, the policy remains valid throughout their lifetime.

Microchipping & Identification

While not mandatory under this policy, Hollard strongly advocates microchipping as part of responsible ownership. This helps identify lost pets easily should they go missing. It also plays an integral role during visits to veterinary institutions.

Discounts For Multiple Pets Coverage

If you insure multiple fur-kids through Hollard, you’ll enjoy discounts. For insuring two or more animals, a discount rate of 10% applies. Moreover, having six or more insured pets qualifies for a 15% discount on the premium rates.

Policy Start Date and Waiting Period

Once your application is accepted by Hollard Pet Insurance, the policy will commence on the first day of the month following acceptance. However, there is a waiting period before you can make claims for certain conditions. Claims related to accidents and injuries have a one-month waiting period from the start date of coverage. For cruciate ligament claims (a common knee injury in pets), there’s an additional six-month waiting period.

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions may result in temporary or permanent exclusions from coverage under this insurance plan.

Hereditary And Congenital Conditions Coverage

Hollard Pet Insurance considers hereditary and congenital conditions eligible for payment provided that no clinical signs were present during the initial 18 months of cover.

Behavioral Condition Benefits

One notable feature offered by Hollard includes benefits towards behavioral condition treatments. This ensures comprehensive care not only for physical health but also for mental well-being.

Third-Party Cover Option Available

In addition to medical expenses, Hollard offers third-party liability coverage as part of their pet insurance policies. Third party covers protect against any legal liabilities arising due to damage caused by your pet to third parties or their property.

Routine Check-ups & Preventative Treatment

To promote responsible ownership, Hollard encourages regular check-ups. One general check-up per policy year is covered. Additionally, you can opt for the Routine and Dental Care Benefit add-on option which provides financial assistance toward preventive treatments such as sterilization, vaccinations, and dental procedures.

Cancellation Policy

If you change your mind after signing up with Hollard Pet Insurance, you have 14 days from the policy’s start date to review and cancel with no obligation. After this period, one month’s written notice is required to cancel the policy.

Claim Process

Submitting claims under Hollard is easy and simple. Once your vet has treated your fur-kid, simply email (or use their app) a completed and signed claim form, along with the detailed invoice from your vet and proof of payment, to claims@petsure.co.za. The claim will then be processed, and the reimbursement will be deposited directly into your nominated bank account.

Reimbursement Rates And Excess

Claims are reimbursed according to a standard rate calculated by Hollard’s actuaries. This rate is the average amount charged by vets across the country pertaining to the specific condition based on Hollard’s claims data. An excess is applicable for accident and illness claims; this helps keep monthly premiums affordable while ensuring financial sustainability. However, no excess is applied for Routine and Dental Care benefits.

Veterinary History Requirement

To process your pet insurance application, Hollard requires you to provide your fur-kid’s veterinary medical history, which includes all clinical examinations and treatments received from any registered vet practice. A vaccination certificate alone does not suffice as a complete veterinary history.

No Individual Risk Rating

Frequent visits or multiple claims do not result in an individual risk rating. Hollard evaluates each case individually without penalizing fur-kids who need more frequent services or care.

Checking Remaining Benefits

With every Claim Advice Letter sent after processing each claim, you’ll receive details regarding remaining benefit amounts available for future use with respect to your insured fur-kids.

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