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MediPet Pet Insurance Plans

As pet owners, we want to ensure that our furry family members receive the best possible veterinary care. However, unexpected accidents and illnesses can result in significant financial strain. This is where pet insurance comes into play. In this article, we will explore what pet insurance covers and why choosing MediPet as your insurer of choice makes sense.

What is Pet Insurance?

Simply put, it’s a monthly agreement between an insurer and a pet owner providing coverage for major veterinary bills resulting from unforeseen accidents or illnesses. Unlike medical aid which focuses on routine healthcare costs; with Medipet you get comprehensive protection against unpredictable expenses.

Procedures Covered by MediPet

MediPet offers comprehensive coverage across its insurance plans. Here are some of the procedures covered:

  1. Vet Visits: Coverage for regular check-ups and consultations.
  2. X-rays: Diagnostic imaging for identifying injuries or underlying conditions.
  3. Medication: Reimbursement for prescribed medications.
  4. Surgery: Financial protection for surgical procedures.
  5. Ear & Eye Conditions: Treatment and care for common ear and eye ailments.
  6. Dental: Coverage for dental procedures, including scaling, polishing, and extractions.
  7. Foreign Body Ingestion: Financial support for the removal of swallowed foreign objects.
  8. Skin Conditions: Coverage for the ongoing treatment of chronic skin conditions.
  9. Accidents: Coverage for accidents resulting in injuries.
  10. MRI, CT & Ultrasound Scans: Reimbursement for advanced imaging procedures.

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Having pet insurance is essential for several reasons:

  1. Emergency Vet Treatment: Statistics show that one in three pets require emergency vet treatment each year, emphasizing the unpredictability of pet health issues.
  2. Access to Advanced Treatments: The availability of vet specialists and advanced treatments has increased, but these options often come with high costs.
  3. Financial Protection: Pet insurance can help cover the significant expenses associated with advanced medical care, ensuring that you can afford the best treatment for your pets.
  4. Affordable Premiums: MediPet offers premiums as low as R8 a day, making pet insurance accessible for pet owners with different budgets.

What is MediPet’s Pet Insurance Cover All About?

MediPet specializes in a short-term cover designed specifically to protect against unforeseen Veterinary Bills. They offer accident, basic, pre-existing condition, and Comprehensive Covers. With over 15 years of experience, they have earned trust through their personalized service, veterinary expertise,& compassionate approach towards claims processing. MediPet also welcomes all breeds without differentiation based on size, body score etc making them fairer than other insurers who may exclude certain conditions. Additionally, pre-existing conditions under Lite Plan ensure that even if there was already existing illness, you still obtain some form of compensation. Chronic Care Support add-on helps manage long-term health issues while Benefit Booster Add-On enhances benefits offering additional financial protection when you need it most.

Introduction to MediPet

MediPet is South Africa’s leading pet insurance broker, known for its personalized service and veterinary expertise. Their dedicated team of over 26 vet-trained specialists partners directly with members, representing their pets’ needs to the underwriters. MediPet’s in-house vet team plays a vital role in understanding and advocating for members’ claims, collaborating with veterinarians, and ensuring that the cover meets the real needs of pets. With over 15 years of trust and recommendations from vets, MediPet stands as a reliable and compassionate choice for pet insurance.

Why Choose MediPet?

There are several reasons why veterinarians and pet owners choose MediPet:

  1. All Breed Coverage: MediPet welcomes all breeds and covers common-breed conditions as well as hereditary and congenital conditions that other insurers may exclude. They do not differentiate premiums based on breed, size, or body score, ensuring fair and equal coverage for all pets.
  2. Pre-Existing Condition Cover: MediPet offers a unique feature in South Africa by providing pre-existing condition cover under their Lite plan. This means that even if your pet has a pre-existing condition, you can still obtain coverage for other accidents and illnesses.
  3. Chronic Care Support: Pets that develop chronic medical conditions lasting more than three months each year can benefit from MediPet’s ongoing add-on cover. This ensures continued coverage and support for long-term health management.
  4. Benefit Booster Add-On: MediPet’s Benefit Booster add-on is particularly beneficial for expensive surgeries and conditions not covered in your plan, including pre-existing conditions. It enhances or increases benefits, offering additional financial protection when you need it most.
  5. Illness Cover for All Ages: Unlike some insurers that restrict illness coverage to specific age groups, MediPet offers illness coverage to pets of all ages. This ensures that your pets are protected against a wide range of illnesses throughout their lives.
  6. No Sub-Limits: MediPet does not impose sub-limits on any of its plans. This means there are no limitations on medication, x-rays, or specific illnesses, providing comprehensive coverage without hidden restrictions.
  7. In-House Vet Expertise: MediPet’s in-house vet team plays a crucial role in successfully processing member claims. With their extensive professional expertise, they collaborate with veterinarians, advocate for your claims, and ensure efficient claim processing, resulting in a remarkable claim success rate of over 96%.
  8. High Member Satisfaction: MediPet’s compassionate team, genuine coverage, and transparent communication have earned them the trust and loyalty of their members. An impressive 99% of members choose to stay with MediPet every month, attesting to their satisfaction with the service and coverage provided.

MediPet Insurance Plans

MediPet offers four different insurance plans to suit varying budgets and coverage needs. Each plan provides comprehensive protection for accidents and illnesses, with additional benefits and add-ons available. Here is an overview of MediPet’s insurance plans:

  1. Accident Plan: R25,000 cover per year, focusing on coverage for accidents of all ages. Optional add-ons include routine care coverage.
  2. Lite Plan: R40,000 cover per year, offering coverage for accidents, illnesses, and even pre-existing conditions. Optional add-ons include routine care, benefit booster, and premium saver.
  3. Essential Plan: R60,000 cover per year, providing comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, holistic wellness, behavioural therapy, and multi-pet discounts. Optional add-ons include routine care, benefit booster, premium saver, and chronic care.
  4. Ultimate360 Plan: R72,000 cover per year, offering the most comprehensive coverage with added benefits such as dental care, prescription food, sterilization benefit, and cremation benefit. Optional add-ons include routine care, benefit booster, premium saver, and chronic care.


In conclusion, Medipet is the right choice for responsible pet owners who want comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. With their extensive experience, veterinary expertise, and compassionate approach towards claims processing they have earned the trust of both veterinarians as well as members alike. MediPet provides peace of mind knowing that your pets will receive the best possible veterinary care without breaking the bank.

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