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OUTsurance Pet Insurance

  • OUTsurance provides pet insurance to South Africans that offers comprehensive coverage for unexpected vet costs. Pet owners can choose from four different plans, each with varying levels of protection to suit their unique needs.

    Plans and Coverage

    The Accidental plan covers unforeseen events like near-drowning, car accidents or snake bites while the Core plan provides increased coverage for accidents and also covers unforeseen illnesses. The Standard Plan offers extensive coverages such as routine care visits, illness expenses along with accident-related bills whereas Executive Plan includes all benefits of standard one but has higher limits on claims plus an additional benefit called “Pet-Act-Out”.

    Benefits & Features

    One significant feature offered by OUTsurance is its advanced underwriting model which ensures you only pay premiums based on your pets’ specific requirements rather than other animals. Additionally, they offer discounts if multiple pets are insured together in addition to tailored premium rates depending upon individual circumstances.

    Claiming Process

    Submitting a claim through MyOutSurance portal or app takes just minutes; however, larger estimates above R15 000 will be assessed before processing them further so it may take a longer time period accordingly.

    Optional Benefits

    • Help-Pet-OUT rehabilitation treatments/emergency expense assistance
    • Health Booster chronic medication/prescription food support
    • Routine Care vaccinations/voluntary sterilization procedures
    • Third-party liability


    Overall OUTsurance’s pet insurance policies provide peace of mind when dealing with any potential veterinary emergencies involving cats/dogs etc., offering various options at affordable prices without compromising quality service standards – making sure both owner(s) and a furry friend(s) stay happy!

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