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Capitec Car Insurance

  • Capitec Bank Insurance

    Capitec financial service provider is a great firm to protect your vehicle against the risks associated with driving.

    What is Capitec Bank?

    They are a top leading financial services provider in South Africa. They offer you products and services from basic banking to insurance. Motor cover is also one of the insurance types that Capitec specialise in.

    Why choose Capitec car insurance quotes?

    Capitec understands the hassle for drivers to find reliable, yet affordable auto coverage. Hence why they offer the different types of car insurance available on the market.

    Capitec offers you the opportunity for a tailored made car plan to suit your needs, as well as your wallet.

    What does it cover?

    • Capitec car insurance will cover you for the following:
    • Any third-party accident
    • In the event of a fire (damages)
    • In the event of theft (damages or payout of your auto’s current value)
    • Damages are caused by vandalism, accidents, or weather-related events.
    • Medical expenses or legal costs arising from the accidentIf one of your options is an accident occurs where another person drives your car (provided they had your permission).

    What added benefits are there with Capitec vehicle insurance?

      • Road-side assistance
      • Excess protection
      • Personal belongings protection
      • Rental vehicle if neededWhen you are looking to add these benefits to your car insurance plan, you will only be able if you are purchasing a comprehensive plan.
        Each aspect that you want to be covered comes at a cost. It will all determine your quote at the end of the day.

    Capitec car insurance quotes

    Like all their other services, their car insurance policies are affordable. The fact that they can also help you tailor a policy to suit your needs, make them an attractive financial service provider to consider.

    Remember, all the same conditions count to determine what your premium will be.

    They will look at your previous insurance provider, age, gender, and driving status. All plays an essential role in your quote you will receive from Capitec.

    Then, the other major factor which car insurance quotes are based on is the type of car, year model and purpose of use.

    What do you need to apply for Capitec car insurance?

    At any financial service provider like Capitec, you will need the following documents to apply for a product or service:

    Proof of Identification (ID)
    Proof of Residence
    Copy of your driver’s license

    If you apply telephonically, you will have to give consent that your personal information will be used to apply for car insurance. Afterward or once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with all the essential details about the car insurance plan you bought.


    Capitec Bank finds it important for motorists to have good quality, yet affordable car coverage.

    South African roads are dangerous and a lot of drivers do not even have a driver’s license. You must stay safe on our roads and have a Capitec car insurance in place.


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