Cheap Professional Indemnity Insurance For Contractors

When you are a contractor, in any occupation, you know the risks. You also know what can happen should one of these risks arise and cause issues regarding employees or clients. It can lead to substantial legal bills if you get sued as a result of risk that could have been prevented. It is not something that one would like to think about, but professional indemnity insurance is something to consider in this line of work.

If you take out indemnity insurance today, you and your employees will be covered. It means that if a risk arises due to error and omission from an employee and your client takes legal action, your company and employee will be cover to take action against the lawsuit. It would cover you against the failure of supervision if it were confirmed.

Some companies will offer you and your company coverage up to R5 million, so you do not have to worry if you will ever have the finances for legal actions.

So, if you are ready to get insurance quotes for your firm, you can apply here on Clearwave today!

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