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MFC Car Insurance

  • MFC Car Insurance is a division of Nedbank. As experts in vehicle finance and insurance, they provide car owners with peace of mind by offering cover for new and pre-owned vehicles.

    Coverage Options

    MFC offers coverage options that protect you against unforeseen events such as death or permanent disability due to an accident or critical illness. In the event of your passing away, up to R1 million will be paid towards your outstanding balance at the time less any arrears and interest accumulated on arrears.

    Retrenchment Cover

    If retrenched from work unexpectedly, MFC covers up to six months’ worth of instalments so that you can focus on finding another job without worrying about losing your vehicle too.

    Temporary Disability Coverage

    In case temporary disability affects part of income lost during the recovery period after an injury/illness; monthly instalments are covered until full recovery has been made.

    Permanent Disability Protection

    Should one become permanently disabled resulting in partial loss of their income stream then this policy pays out either partially (or fully) depending upon the severity level determined by medical professionals involved throughout the process leading up to the claim submission date itself.

    Exclusions & Waiting Periods

    It’s important for customers considering taking out policies through us here at Clearwave to understand what isn’t included under our plans before signing anything! For example, debt incurred post-claim-event won’t be considered eligible expenses nor would fees unrelated specifically only related directly back into the financing agreement between lender/borrower parties themselves – these types of exclusions apply across all products offered via our platform including those provided exclusively by partners like MFCCarInsurance who we represent online today!

    Waiting periods also exist within certain areas where claims may not yet have occurred but could potentially happen soon enough down line given current circumstances surrounding individual’s health status etc.; 3-month waiting period applies when it comes to Retrenchment while Pre-existing conditions require 12 months before the policy start date.

    Why Choose MFC Car Insurance?

    MFC is a division of Nedbank Bank, which means that they have the backing and support of one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions. They offer up to R1 million in coverage for those who are unable to pay their instalments due to unforeseen circumstances such as death or permanent disability resulting from an accident or critical illness.

    Their claims process is simple and fast with three easy steps: let them know about your claim by calling their 24-hour contact centre on 0860-333-111; submit all required documents along with completed forms via email attachment sent directly back into our system so we can assess validity quickly without any delays whatsoever! Finally, leave rest us – if everything checks out then the payout will be processed promptly thereafter ensuring you’re not left waiting around too long wondering what next step should take place after submitting the initial request itself!

    In conclusion,  MFC Car Insurance is an excellent option for car owners looking for comprehensive cover options backed by experts in vehicle finance and insurance services.

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