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Sizwe Hospital Plan

  • Little information about hospital plans

    A hospital plan involves you paying a regular monthly premium which would then fully cover you for medical procedures and treatments as an inpatient in a private hospital. Any doctor or medication visits outside the hospital are for your account. Most plans do not restrict you from visiting any other hospital in the area. These plans may also cover you in case you are admitted into the hospital and treated for an emergency or sudden illness. They cover your stay from the moment you are hospitalized until you are better or well enough to go home.

    However, some hospital plans do restrict you from non-emergency healthcare needs such as routine check-ups. If you do not have any significant healthcare needs a hospital plan would be a more affordable option. If you however have medical issues it would be best to consider getting a comprehensive medical aid scheme. These plans usually have a more extensive healthcare benefits package that would cover you during your hospital stay and outside. They may also include coverage for recovery time, physiotherapy and occupational therapy as well as coverage for doctor’s fees, hospital room costs and some dental care. Where a hospital plan would not cover these expenses, because it is out of hospital treatments.

    If you cannot afford medical aid, then a hospital plan is the better option. Hospital treatments and surgeries are expensive and the average South African cannot afford them. It will be an advantage for you to have a hospital plan in place. You do not want to get treated in a state hospital in South Africa, the service and quality are limited and of bad service.

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