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CreditSmart Debt Review

  • About CreditSmart

    CreditSmart is a financial literacy initiative started in South Africa in 2014. The initiative was started in response to the high levels of indebtedness among South Africans. The aim of CreditSmart is to educate South Africans about credit and debt and to help them make more informed financial decisions.

    So far, CreditSmart has reached over 1 million people through its various educational programmes. These programmes include workshops, webinars, and an online course. CreditSmart has also developed a mobile app, which provides users with tips and tools to help them manage their finances.

    The CreditSmart initiative has been praised by financial experts and has been credited with helping to reduce levels of debt among South Africans.

    CreditSmart debt solutions

    Debt Review was created by the NCA (National Credit Act) as a plan to help individuals who cannot handle their debt anymore (too much debt).

    A Debt review process takes all your debts into a single objective and instantly better your cashflow situation.

    CreditSmart reviews

    As you can see CreditSmart does not have a lot of reviews on Hello Peter, but the few it does have is good. It is a good idea to read up on debt management companies before you choose the first one that comes along.

    When you read up on CreditSmart, you will find that they are a reliable company and can help you out of your debt problems. They can offer you debt reviews and counselling.

    CreditSmart contact details

    If you want to get in touch with CreditSmart, find their contact information below:

    CreditSmart contact number

    Number: 012 054 5755
    Website: www.creditsmart.co.za

    However, if you want to apply instantly for debt review with CreditSmart, you can apply here on our page. One of their financial advisors will then contact you and you can start instantly with your debt review process.


    When your finances are starting to get you down and you feel there is no other option, then get in touch with CreditSmart to help you gain that handle on your money.

    You do not have to struggle month in and month out financially, apply for a consultation today and live better tomorrow.

    Keep in mind the pros and cons of debt review, make sure that you understand exactly how it works and what the terms and conditions are.

    Use CreditSmart’s financial advisor and ask all the questions you have regarding debt review and apply if you are happy with the advice.

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