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Naked Car Insurance Contact Details

  • About Naked Insurance

    Naked insurance is an AI-based insurance provider which is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. It provides car cover through the app, which gives you total control over your cover. They enable customers to control and manage everything related to their insurance policy in one place, from claims processing to premiums payments. By using Naked Car Insurance, people can get quotes for car cover quickly and easily without any paperwork or waiting on hold with a call centre.

    Premium will be calculated based on factors such as theft risk, fire damage protection and extras like home contents coverage. Customers can also choose between different levels of excess when purchasing their policy so they can tailor it to suit their budget requirements.

    Contact Details for Naked

    Naked insurance provider has gotten very popular over the past few years with cheap car insurance. Here are their contact details:

    Website: www.naked.insure

    Telephone: 0860 995 125

    Email:  help@naked.insure

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