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Axsure Car Insurance

  • Axsure underwrite policies through various insurance providers in South Africa. So, you can contact them and request for quotes or you can simply apply here today. We can assist you with quotes and policy offers from a variety of insurers for free. Please fill out all the required details on your right hand side. If you are not happy with the quotes you receive, talk to the agents that will get into contact with you. They are there to assist you in all means possible.

    What Are the Main Types of Car Insurance in South Africa?

    When looking for insurance, you must decide what are the main types of car insurance in South Africa that you require. Decide before you begin to compare insurance quotes from different companies. After all, there are many types of car insurance available depending on the insurance provider. If you want to save time and money when looking for insurance, you should make a note of the features that are included in your basic policy. Features included in your basic car insurance in South Africa include bodily injury coverage, collision coverage, liability coverage, medical payments coverage and comprehensive coverage.

    Types of car insurance in South Africa available to individuals include comprehensive and bodily injury and liability cover. Comprehensive cover is designed to pay out for damage or theft of your vehicle regardless of who caused the damage or theft. Body injury coverage is designed to pay for injuries to you or any other third person that you may accidentally hit when driving a car in South Africa. Liability insurance is designed to pay for damage or theft to another person’s property in South Africa if the accident is your fault and the other person is insured with an insurance company in South Africa.

    Most insurers in south Africa offer no-claims bonuses as a form of incentive to attract new customers. Most insurance companies in South Africa also have online websites for their customers. These websites allow the customers to calculate the cost of their insurance covers and submit the claims online by simply filling out the claims form. Many companies in South Africa also offer online quotes by telephone. You can also get information on the status of your claims.

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