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Welcome to ClearWave.co.za! We currently offer quotations for the services listed below. Feel free to click on the links to read more.


Car Insurance

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is, what is car insurance? You may be surprised at how much you pay for your coverage. While most auto insurance policies require you to have third-party only coverage, other types of coverage include third-party-only fire/theft or comprehensive cover. third-party only cover accidents to a third-parties vehicle/property, but not your own. In order to find out how much your policy is going to cost, you need to apply for various quotes from different insurance firms.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is an agreement between an insured and an insurance company, where the insurer vows to settle a specified amount of cash upon the death of an insured person. The money will be paid to the insured’s beneficiary or more. Other circumstances such as disability or terminal illness can also be added to the policy.


Funeral Cover

A funeral cover is a policy that you purchase from an insurer dealing with funeral insurance in South Africa. You choose the amount of coverage, usually between R10,000 and R150,000. You will pay a small monthly fee for having a funeral cover. The amount will be paid out to your relative in the unfortunate event of your death. The money must then be used for your or your loved one’s funeral arrangements. An individual purchases funeral cover for a dignified funeral.

legal cover

Legal Insurance

You can also get legal insurance, much like a hospital plan or funeral insurance. Like these, the plan will usually cover legal services and include certain exclusions. Knowing what is covered in your plan will make it easier to decide whether the coverage is worth the price. Legal costs have increased significantly over the past few years. It is a good idea to get legal cover to settle these costs for you. It is only a small monthly fee. Don’t spend thousands on lawyers. Get legal cover at a small monthly rate and have unlimited access to legal cover.


Business Insurance

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, you’ve probably wondered about business insurance. It is a necessity for many businesses. This type of insurance protects companies against financial damages caused by professional mistakes, accidents, theft, damage, and even legal fees. It is important to choose the right kind of cover for your business. Read on to find out more about this coverage. It will protect your company from losses and compensation claims.Unexpected costs in your business can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. Avoid these costs and get business insurance. If you are a Taxify / Bolt driver, business insurance is also required as a personal car insurance policy will not cover this.



Building Insurance

Have a building you need to insure? This type of insurance covers the structure of the building and not the contents. This is perfect for landlords, homeowners or business owners.

medical aid

Medical Aid

Avoid unexpected medical expenses with medical aid. This covers hospital expenses, GP & dentist visits, specialist visits and medication.

Hospital Plans

This is more affordable than medical schemes, but does not cover everything that medical aid does – it only covers hospital expenses.

home insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Insure your treasured possessions against theft or natural disasters with home & contents insurance.
These categories will be added soon:
  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Cellphone Contracts
  • Debt Management
  • Motor Warranty
  • Scratch & Dent Cover
  • Pet Insurance (now available)
  • And much much more!

What is insurance?

What Is Insurance and How Much Does It Cost?

Insurance is a contract between an insured party and an insurance company. The insurer will pay your financial losses when you pay your monthly premiums. The insurance company pays out when your property is damaged or you if are liable for another person’s damages. Depending on the type of policy, there are multiple types of insurance. If you are unsure which type of policy is right for you, here are some of the most common types of coverage and how much they cost.

Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism that transfers a person’s risk to a larger entity called an Insurance Company. The person or entity who pays premiums is known as an insured. The person who receives cover by the insurance policy is known as a policyholder. You have the option to add more insured persons to your policy. Insurers understand the risks that are involved and perform a risk assessment when they write a policy. It makes it possible for the insurer to charge a low premium.

Insurance policies protect certain kinds of assets. Car-, life-, business-, funeral and more are all common types of insurance. These policies are usually determined in their coverage and can be costly. However, there are so many insurance providers in South Africa. You will find an affordable policy for you and your family. Then, there are policies like travel insurance that covers your belongings and medical expenses.

There are several components to an insurance policy. Understanding these components can help you make the best decision for your financial situation. The first component is the premium. The premium is the amount you pay to purchase the insurance cover. Usually, you will pay a monthly or annual premium. This premium is based on various factors like your age, career choice, lifestyle, hobbies and more. It is important to remember that the premium is not the same for everyone and if you are healthy, it will be cheaper.

Generally, the amount of the insurance policy is stated in rand. The cover amount is calculated by the losses that will arise. An insurance policy is a contract between an insured person and an insurance company. An insurance contract may be a written document or a verbal agreement. Regardless of the specific type of coverage, the insurance company is the one that pays the claim. Whether you are paying for an item or a liability, you’ll need to have an insurance policy.

The most basic form of insurance is a written contract between two parties. It binds the two parties, transferring the burden to a larger entity called the insurer. In turn, the insured person pays the premium, which reduces the risk. Both the policyholder and the insurer share the risk. The insurer understands the risk and uses their resources wisely, while the policyholder receives the money.

The most common type of insurance is a car and life insurance, but there are also several other types of coverage. Insurance providers insure cars and homes to cover theft and other disasters, while homeowners are covered for fires and other disasters. The insurer pays for the damages and reimburses the insured. In other words, insurance is a contract that helps you avoid financial losses if something happens that you have insurance for. The insurer agrees to reimburse you in full for the amount of money that you’ve paid.

Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism, which means that the insured party pays a premium to an insurance company. In return, the insurer reduces the risk of the insured event. In addition to reducing the risk of the insured party, the policyholder pays a premium to the insurance company. Similarly, the insurer bears the risk. Unless the policyholder is responsible for the loss, the insurer assumes full liability. As a result, insurance is the best way to manage a loss.

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