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Welcome to ClearWave.co.za! We currently offer quotations for the services listed below. Feel free to click on the links to read more.


Car Insurance

Cover financial liability in case of any damage to your vehicle, bodily harm or other third party incidents such as theft or arson.

Life Insurance

Ensure your family members are taken care of financially when you are not there to provide for them anymore.


Funeral Cover

This policy covers your funeral and the costs involved, so that your loved ones do not have to have financial worries during this time.

legal cover

Legal Insurance

Don’t spend thousands on lawyers. Get legal cover at a small monthly rate and have unlimited access to legal cover.


Business Insurance

Unexpected costs in your business can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. Avoid these costs and get business insurance. If you are a Taxify / Bolt driver, business insurance is also required as a personal car insurance policy will not cover this.



Building Insurance

Have a building you need to insure? This type of insurance covers the structure of the building and not the contents. This is perfect for landlords, homeowners or business owners.

medical aid

Medical Aid

Avoid unexpected medical expenses with medical aid. This covers hospital expenses, GP & dentist visits, specialist visits and medication.

Hospital Plans

This is more affordable than medical schemes, but does not cover everything that medical aid does – it only covers hospital expenses.

home insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Insure your treasured possessions against theft or natural disasters with home & contents insurance.
These categories will be added soon:
  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Cellphone Contracts
  • Debt Management
  • Motor Warranty
  • Scratch & Dent Cover
  • And much much more!

Finding The Best Deals On Black Friday This Year

Black Friday Deals are now a tradition in many regions of the world. Although it has not reached the feverish levels of Black Saturday, Black Friday is still a very busy day for the electronics market. The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Best selling items in stores see bumper sales on Black Friday, giving consumers extra buying power and the lowest prices on their favourite electronics. The demand is so great that stores are even offering special discounts and gifts for buying electronics.

While Black Friday deals have been great for shoppers, the deals for Black Friday itself pale in comparison to the massive number of new or used products that get put out on the market during the day. The day after Thanksgiving traditionally sees the worst-selling of any holiday, giving people little time to shop around or restock their supplies. In addition, Black Friday deals are usually only available on electronics, with not a lot of change for other products or services. While Black Friday deals have made people happy, they have also made bargain hunters miserable, as the limited selection of quality products often leaves people feeling like they have bought the equivalent of a new computer for less than half the cost.

This year, the number of online stores offering Black Friday deals is increasing dramatically. Most major retailers are now offering special discounted prices on their websites, as well as offering special savings at checkout for using coupon codes or coupons. Many consumers are optimistic about the potential for savings on Black Friday, but the fact remains that with the high demand, competition and dwindling supply of electronics products, the likelihood of finding the best buy is diminishing for most consumers. This means that those looking for the best deals will either have to settle for a second-rate item or walk away, feeling as though they got cheated.

Browse around, you will find various insurers and online stores offering great Black Friday deals this year.

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