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Medscheme Medical Aid Schemes

  • Last updated on: 21/03/2023
    Medscheme is focused on making thoughtful and strategic purchases of healthcare services, with the goal of improving overall quality. They strive to form as many partnerships with network health facilities and practitioners as possible. To mitigate risk, Medscheme utilizes Diagnosis Related Groups in order to compare different medical aid providers. Furthermore, they classify their services in a way that allows for comparison across departments.

    Their Family Practitioner Network boasts the most contracted networks in South Africa (approximately 5500).

    • accept to ask the medical plan rate and not tax co-payments
    • are weighed against practice-specific status and price marks
    • obtain an enhanced price for holding a ‘top’ performer status
    • assures excellent admittance and cover for every member
    • accept to join a peer supervision system for ‘poor’ display

    Medscheme consists of over 3600 contracted specialists including Anaesthetists. We can help reduce the high claims on Prescribed Minimum Benefits by a contracted Specialist Network.

    Medscheme has completed and maintains various Hospital Networks, one that will suit the requirements of your medical aid. They also have a huge Pharmacy Network (about 1800 pharmacies) to lessen the financial burden of expensive prescribed medications. The aim here is to reduce overcharged dispensing costs, and offer people generic options of the medication. They do have a list of dental networks and optometry programmes to help you when you need it.

    Medcheme is one of many medical aid providers in South Africa. Gather quotes here from various schemes, compare and get the right plan for you and your loved ones. Having the right medical scheme in our country is necessary, because treatment in state hospitals is poor. You want to go to a private hospital or facility for the best treatment and care.

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