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Solvita Medical Aid Schemes

  • What to Look For in a Medical Aid – Solvita

    When looking for medical aid, it is vital to compare different companies and offers. Solvita is one of many providers in South Africa, so you should make sure to gather quotes from other sources as well. Doing your research and understanding the fine print will help you pick the right scheme for yourself and your loved ones while avoiding costly errors.

    The waiting period for a medical aid can be lengthy, but this shouldn’t discourage you from joining one. Many people find that their policy does not cover all their costs; however, if chosen carefully, it can provide comprehensible coverage with premiums that won’t break the bank. It’s important to look for a plan which covers at least 80% of your expenses – including dental treatments and optometry services – or even 100% if possible. A health aid could be ideal if you wish to spend an adequate amount on insurance without breaking the bank.


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