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Discovery Gap Cover

Medical bills you do not expect to pay out of your budget, a life-changing health event, doctors and practitioners that charge more than your medical aid is willing to pay, it can put your family in significant financial struggle. It is where Discovery gap cover plays a role in your finances.

What will Discovery gap cover do for you?

It will settle shortfalls on approved in-hospital claims that are not paid.

It will supply you with the necessary finances for specific out-of-hospital costs like a wheelchair and so forth.

If you are internationally approved for traveling and your medical scheme have a shortfall, your gap cover will supply.

You are also covered for co-payments on the following: cancer-related treatments and tests, CT and MRI scans and endoscopies.

Each member receive a cover amount of R157,500 per year. Each claim are deducted from this amount and you can be at rest knowing you and your loved ones are covered.

Another option you can choose with Discovery is the Supplementary Gap Cover. It will supply you with a significant amount of money, support in your home and premium protection when you are in great need for it. Another benefit is that you will receive 25% cash back yearly on this option.

It is important for you to have some sort of medical scheme, and having gap cover with it for a little fee per month is definitely the way to go.

Fill out the form on your right hand side and choose the option gap cover on the form.

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