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Dotsure Pet Insurance Claim Form Download

At Clearwave, we understand that when it comes to making an insurance claim for your pet, you want the process to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we have created this page to provide easy access to the Dotsure pet insurance claim form download.

Download Dotsure’s Pet Insurance Claim Form PDF Below

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Please note that the Dotsure pet insurance claim form can be downloaded directly from their website. We recommend visiting Dotsure’s official site and navigating to their claims section, where they provide access to this document along with any additional information or requirements specific to your policy type.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how the claims process works with Dotsure:

1. Go to any vet of your choice in South Africa: Whether you’re located in Musina or Cape Town, you can take your furry friend to any registered vet across the country for their necessary treatment.

2. Submit your paid vet invoice: Once you’ve received treatment for your beloved companion, simply obtain a paid veterinary invoice from the clinic where they were treated. This document will serve as proof of payment and outline all relevant details regarding services rendered.

3. Send your documents to Dotsure: You can submit these supporting documents via email or through Dotsure’s 24/7 Manage Portal – whichever method suits you best! Make sure that along with submitting the paid veterinarian bill; include other required information such as policy number and contact details so that our team can easily identify and process your claim promptly.

4. Get reimbursed quickly*: Dotsure.co.za strives towards efficient service delivery by aiming at settling almost all valid pet insurance claims within 48 hours*. However please note terms & conditions apply including but not limited to validity criteria set out under each specific policy type.

What do I need?

To successfully file a claim with Dotsure Pet Insurance, you will need:

  1. A fully completed Dotsure pet insurance claim form.
  2. The original copy of a paid veterinary invoice issued by any registered veterinarian practice based in South Africa.

You can read more about the claims process on Dotsure’s Website.


At Clearwave, we strive towards providing valuable resources and assistance in various financial matters. While we are not partnered with Dotsure Pet Insurance, our aim is solely focused on being an accessible platform where individuals like yourself can conveniently locate important documents such as the pet insurance claim form download without unnecessary hassle or confusion.

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