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Medical Aid

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    Why Use Us:
    According to the Council For Medical Schemes, there are 83 registered medical aid providers in South Africa.
    That means you will have to get 83 quotes to find the one that suits your needs.
    By completing one simple form on our site, you will receive a list of all the medical schemes that suits your lifestyle best, together with their monthly premiums.
    You will have an option to choose your method of communication – Email Or Phone. You can also choose if you need an agent to help you with your decision.
    That’s it! Now all you have to do is choose the scheme that suits your lifestyle and budget best.
    ClearWave is Here To Help You
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    Here we will help you to find the best medical aid aid scheme for you and your family.
    Please look around or contact us if you have any questions.


    OK, So What Exactly is Medical Aid?

    Medical aid is a kind of insurance coverage that covers a person in the occasion where he/she may need medical attention. Most of the times, the attention we will need from a medical viewpoint is unpredictable and for that reason not normally budgeted for. This is why having a medical aid scheme can be useful as it will ensure you will not have any unplanned expenses in the case of a healthcare emergency.

    To acquire such a scheme, you will have to get a subscription agreement with a medical scheme provider. These providers normally have a variety of different options that deal with people of different income brackets and health cover requirement.

    You will be bound to make regular monthly repayments of a predetermined premium to guarantee you are covered as agreed upon on the time of scheme selection. Often times, people are put on a probation duration in which they will not be able to make any claims, but still need pay the month-to-month premiums. This is a procedure wherein the company protects itself from losing excessive amounts of cash.


    Conditions Covered

    Many medical aids are prepared to accept members under any conditions, although some put forward particular scenarios where they will not accept medical cover. A few of these consist of the following:.

    • Bad customer record with previous medical aid.
    • Pregnancy.
    • HIV.
    • Persistent health conditions.

    You can add your baby or kids on your medical aid at any given time. It would be discriminatory to reject medical cover in some occasions, however companies work around this by utilizing smart phrasing and little print clauses that attain exactly what they desire without being too outright about it.

    Businesses organize their customers according to their present state of wellness as well as their household history. There generally are  2 kinds of customers – reduced and high threat people. High threat people frequently find it difficult to get covered and when they do, their premiums are much greater than those who fall into the reduced danger category.

    Companies in South Africa:

    There are options to affordable medical aid under a R1000 or under R300, click the link.

    For more in Afrikaans, go to our goedkoop mediese fondse page.
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