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Naked Car Insurance

  • What is Naked Insurance?

    Naked Insurance LogoNaked car insurance is a revolutionary new way to insure your vehicle in South Africa. It’s an app-based service that allows you to get quotes, pay premiums and make claims all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet device. The company has partnered with Hollard Insurance Company, one of South Africa’s largest insurers, to bring Naked Car Insurance customers cover for theft, fire damage and accidental damage as well as other services like roadside assistance and home contents coverage.


    The idea behind Naked Insurance is simple: they are removing all the paperwork and long wait times associated with traditional insurance companies by streamlining the process into just a few taps on their app. They want customers to have peace of mind that their vehicles will be covered against any event without having to worry about expensive premiums or excess fees. By using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, Naked can offer clients competitive prices based on their needs – making sure everyone gets the best deal possible no matter what type of car they drive.

    The main selling point for Naked Car Insurance is its simplicity – it only takes a few minutes to download the app and create an account before you can start getting quotes for different levels of coverage depending on how much risk you want to be protected against (such as fire or theft). Once you’ve chosen a policy that suits your needs, all you need do is enter some basic information about yourself so they can generate an accurate quote; then click the “Get Quote” button at the bottom of your screen! From there, it’s just two more quick steps before being able to purchase coverage online directly within seconds – no long waits or tedious paperwork required! And if something ever goes wrong after purchasing coverage via their system? Fear not – because Their team is available 24/7 via call centre should anything ever arise where assistance may be needed along every step of this journey!

    Things They Offer

    But Naked isn’t stopping there when it comes to providing customers with great value car insurance options: through partnerships with leading insurers such as Hollard Insurers, who have been in business since 1980 providing trusted services across both personal & commercial lines sectors alike; they also now offer even more features than many traditional providers too – including public liability protection (for example if someone else was injured due news reports during lockdown), accident forgiveness (which prevents any rise in premium following minor incidents) and optional add-on extras such as medical expenses covers too! Clients also benefit from lower excesses than those offered elsewhere, plus friendly customer support staff who speak plain English, ensuring excellent communication between them & people seeking help right away whenever needed most – enabling further ease when filing claim requests for accidents etc…


    Naked’s Reviews

    In addition, reviews left by previous customers attest to highly positive feedback regarding their experience using Naked’s products & services thus far: praising the ability to adjust/update policies quickly plus clear insights provided when viewing individual items included in each package overall, helping people better understand exactly what benefits come part form choosing these specific policies over others out there today… resulting greater sense of control over money spent whilst peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of fully thanks to expert guidance – given each step towards achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining the perfect price tailored to suit individual requirements perfectly time!


    If you are a regular driver on the road, or even if you just do not use your vehicle that much – but are afraid that mother nature might take its toll – Naked is definitely a great option for you! Remember, you even have the option to pause your cover if needed. Let Rose give you an instant car cover quote to see how much a plan from Naked will cost you. No annoying phone calls from an agent, just plain simple-to-understand insurance! Request a free quote today!


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