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Old Mutual Gap Cover

What is gap cover?

It is a type of assurance that will settle your hospital’s bills where your medical aid does not cover. In other words, there are times that your medical scheme or hospital plan do not settle all the costs regarding your hospitalization. It is where gap cover plays a role; it will settle those fees that you will have to settle out of your pocket. It is not a medical scheme or plan, rather insurance that will settle the costs for you.

All medical practitioners, like doctors, can ask up to five times the medical aid rate. If your medical aid state that you will only have 100% cover and your doctor charge 300%, you will be held liable for the other 200% that needs to be paid. Do not let you health scheme drop you in debt, get gap cover with Old Mutual now.

You can pay as little as R200/month and receive up to R157,500 for each beneficiary (per year).

Old Mutual Gap Cover Benefits

You can cover your direct family members, your husband, son or daughter without your premium being increased.

If members of your household are on different medical aid schemes, you can still cover all under one gap cover policy.

Old Mutual pays up to five times the medical aid rate.

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