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TymeBank Universal Branch Code & SWIFT Code

Last updated on: 09/05/2024

TymeBank universal branch code: 678 910

Tymebank SWIFT code: CBZAZAJJ

Quick Summary

TymeBank, a fully digital banking service in South Africa, operates with a universal branch code (678910) for all electronic and online banking transactions. This code offers simplicity, convenience, and aligns with TymeBank’s digital-first model. Additionally, TymeBank has a SWIFT code (CBZAZAJJ) for international wire transfers, ensuring seamless global transactions.

Universal Branch Codes

What is a Universal Branch Code?

A universal branch code is a unique identifier used by banks for electronic and online banking transactions. Unlike traditional bank branches that have specific codes based on their locations, digital banks like TymeBank use a single universal branch code for all transactions. This simplifies the process for customers as they only need to remember one code regardless of where they are conducting their banking activities.

The TymeBank Universal Branch Code

The Tyme Bank universal branch code in South Africa is 678910. As an exclusively digital bank, TymeBank does not operate through physical branches but instead relies on its mobile app and website to provide banking services to its customers. By using this single universal branch code, users can easily conduct various transactions such as EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers), bill payments, and other online banking services without having to input different codes depending on location.

Why Use the TymeBank Universal Branch Code?

There are several advantages to using the TymeBank’s universal branch code:

  1. Simplicity and Convenience: With just one universally applicable number – 678910 – you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple codes or making errors when entering them during your transaction processes with different recipients or service providers within South Africa.
  2. Streamlined Transactions: Using a uniformed approach across all regions eliminates any potential delays caused by routing issues associated with varying regional-specific codes found at traditional brick-and-mortar banks operating throughout South Africa.
  3. Digital-First Banking Model Alignment: Tymebank operates primarily as an entirely digital institution; therefore adopting this simplified system aligns perfectly with their business model while ensuring seamless user experiences across platforms including web browsers & smartphone applications alike.

By utilizing the convenient nature of these types of unified systems offered by modern-day financial institutions like TYMEBANK, individuals can enjoy hassle-free access to their banking services without the need for physical branches or complex branch-specific codes.


What is a Universal SWIFT Code?

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code, also known as the Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is an internationally recognized standard format used by banks and financial institutions to identify themselves globally. It consists of various components that provide specific information about the bank.

A universal SWIFT code serves as a unique identifier for each bank or branch within a particular country. This code helps facilitate secure and efficient international money transfers between different banks worldwide.

The TymeBank Universal SWIFT Code

For customers who use TymeBank in South Africa, it’s important to know their universal SWIFT code when conducting international transactions. The universal SWIFT code for TYMEBANK in South Africa is CBZAZAJJ.

This 11-character alphanumeric combination provides essential details:

  • “CBZA” represents TYMEBANK.
  • “ZA” indicates South Africa.
  • “JJXXX” refers to the head office location of TYMEBANK.

It’s crucial to ensure you have accurate information regarding your recipient’s correct Swift/BIC before initiating any cross-border transaction with TymeBank or any other institution.

Why Use the TymeBank Universal Branch Code?

Using the TymeBank universal branch codes offers several advantages when making digital banking transactions both locally and internationally:

  1. Simplicity and Convenience: By using one single universally accepted branch code – 678910 – regardless of geographical locations, customers can easily remember this number without having multiple codes associated with different branches like traditional banks do.
  2. Reduced Errors: With only one uniformed set of numbers across all electronic platforms such as EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers), bill payments, and online services, the chances are minimized where errors occur due to incorrect inputting wrong digits.
  3. Efficient Processing Time: Transactions using a universal branch code can be processed more efficiently as the system does not need to route transactions based on specific branches. This streamlined process reduces delays and ensures faster processing times.
  4. Digital-First Banking Model: The TymeBank’s digital-first banking model aligns with their use of a universal branch code, making it easier for customers to access and manage their accounts through online platforms or mobile apps.

In conclusion, understanding SWIFT codes is essential when conducting international money transfers. For TymeBank users in South Africa, knowing the bank’s unique identifier – CBZAZAJJ – helps ensure smooth cross-border transactions. Additionally, TymeBank’s Universal Branch Code offers simplicity, reduced errors, and efficient transaction processing time, making it convenient for customers who prefer digital banking services.


In conclusion, TymeBank is a fully digital banking service in South Africa that operates exclusively through an online app. As they do not have physical branch locations like traditional banks, they use universal codes for electronic and online transactions.

The TymeBank Universal Branch Code is 678910. This code offers simplicity and convenience as customers only need to remember one code for all their transactions, regardless of location. It aligns with TymeBank’s digital-first model and reduces the chances of making errors when entering a branch code.

It’s important to note that the Universal Branch Code is different from the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) Code used for international wire transfers. The SWIFT Code specifically identifies financial institutions globally.

For local South African banking transactions using TymeBank services, you can simply use the Universal Branch Code 678910 without needing any additional information or specific branch codes associated with traditional banks.

If you are conducting international money transfers or SEPA payments into your TymeBank account, you will require additional details such as the bank name (“TYMEBANK”) along with its corresponding SWIFT code: CBZAZAJJ

Tyme Bank provides accessible and affordable banking services through its user-friendly mobile app platform which allows users to manage their finances conveniently at any time.


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