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Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code & SWIFT Code

  • Capitec Universal Branch Code: 470 010

  • Capitec Swift Code: CABLZAJJ

If you are a Capitec Bank customer, it’s important to know the bank’s universal branch code and SWIFT code. These codes come in handy when making transactions online or internationally.

What is a Universal Branch Code?

A universal branch code is an alternative way of identifying your specific bank account without using individual branch codes. It simplifies banking by providing one unique number for all branches within that particular financial institution.

The Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code:

For those who have accounts with Capitec Bank, their universal branch code is 470010. This means that regardless of which location you opened your account at, this single number can be used for any transaction made through internet banking or mobile app services.

Understanding Swift Codes:

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) codes are also known as BICs (Bank Identifier Codes). They help identify banks worldwide during international money transfers between different countries’ financial institutions.

CAPITEC BANK LIMITED has its own unique SWIFT/BIC identifier: CABLZAJJ

  • The first four letters represent the name of the bank – CAPL
  • ZA represents South Africa where the head office resides.
  • JJ identifies Stellenbosch City where they operate from.


Knowing both these numbers will make life easier if you need them while doing business with other companies locally and abroad via electronic funds transfer(EFT), wire transfer(WT), foreign currency exchange (FCEX) etc., so keep them safe!

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