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MiWay Car Insurance Reviews

  • Last updated on: 21/03/2023
    MiWay car insurance is a South African provider of motor vehicle and business insurance. Founded in 2008, MiWay has grown to be one of the leading providers of car insurance in the country. To help customers make an informed decision about their insurance needs, we’ve gathered some reviews from users who have used MiWay for their car policy needs.

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    Here are some of the latest reviews on Google:

    Tsholofelo Melodi was pleased with her experience after having her car damaged in an accident. She commended the professional services provided by the consultant which enabled quick arrangements for the towing and repair of her vehicle at a secured location.

    Chaldon Wolmarans was impressed with MiWay’s service as well, praising Khumo and his team for going above and beyond expectations during their transaction process. The customer felt they were given memorable service that exceeded expectations.

    Ntsholo Pakkies had a different experience when dealing with MiWay after being involved in an accident early this year; despite receiving proactive emails from the company, Ntsholo felt like their expectations weren’t met due to delays regarding work on their vehicle or reimbursement processes concerning hire cars expiring before repairs were completed.

    Lisa Nontso also had mixed feelings about working with MiWay; while she found satisfaction in how her claim was dealt with following an incident involving damage done to her car, she wasn’t happy about not receiving full coverage of what she paid for it – despite explanations from company representatives why this was so, Lisa still didn’t feel that all aspects were taken care off satisfactorily enough as per agreement between both parties initially struck up upon purchase commitment by consumer side.

    Finally, Sannie Nkosi expressed major dissatisfaction over how flood-related claims were handled resulting in double costs occurring due cancellation associated issues experienced along the way – complaints made relating to difficulty cancelling policy without any tangible results forthcoming leaving customer feeling disrespected due to lack of comprehensive resolution outcome presentable result desired.


    In conclusion, although there are some pros & cons attached to using services offered through Miway Insurance Company, individual experiences vary in very much the same fashion as other insurers available on the market today. It does, however appear that a number of positive testimonials aired favourably towards them, suggesting that it might be a company worth exploring further when looking for a car insurance provider.

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