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Where To Compare Car Insurance

  • Why Compare Car Insurance Quotes?

    There are several reasons to compare car insurance quotes. If you buy the first insurance plan an insurer offers you, it can be a decision that you will regret.

    Comparing Car Insurance

    The fact stand, you should do research and make sure you are purchasing a policy that will suit your driving needs.

    Reasons to do car insurance quote comparisons:

    Different rates from different insurers

    The first reason is that different insurance providers offer different rates for more or less the same coverage. To request quotes from various companies and compare them, you will be able to see which insurer will offer you more for less.

    Side-by-side car insurance comparison

    When you have asked for offers from various insurance providers for car insurance, you will have all the information in front of you to compare each company’s pros and cons. On the declaration page of each policy, you will find the benefits to compare with other motor cover insurers.

    Comparing leads to the right decision

    When you do the necessary motor insurance comparisons, you will find the right financial service provider to do business with. You do not need to hop from one insurance company to the next. If you do this, you will be seen as a high-risk client and it will affect your premium.

    Advantages of working with one insurance firm

    You might receive a discount on certain products or added benefits. It also builds good professional relationships between you and your financial service provider.

    What you need in a car cover

    Doing these comparisons of different car insurers, you will get a good idea of what you need in a car insurance plan. When you know what you require, you will get a good idea of what you will pay on a monthly premium.

    What type of cover do you need?

    When you compare car insurance from various providers, you will also get an idea of what you can afford. If you cannot afford comprehensive car insurance, then there are two other options as well.

    It is third-party-only car cover and third-party-only with fire and theft insurance. It will provide you with various options and offers to consider.

    In this country, having third-party-only coverage for your vehicle is better than nothing. Our roads are extremely busy with more than 50% of all drivers do not have valid driving licenses.

    It will cover you in case you are the one responsible for the accident, at least you will be able to use your car insurance to settle the other party’s repair costs.

    Factors determine comparisons

    When you compare car insurance there are factors to keep in mind that will affect your premium on each quote you receive. These factors include your age, gender, location, driving history, and more.

    Different companies will have different price effects on these factors.


    Remember, not one company asks for the same premium for the same cover.

    So, finding the cheapest car insurance is possible in South Africa, you will have to do research and compare car insurance offers from various financial service providers.

    Clearwave can help you get the quotes to do the necessary comparisons.

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