Medihelp believe that everybody needs to ensure their well-being. Because of this, they offer ten benefit options, each option priced and structured differently to provide you with more value and suit every stage of your life. They make different engagement opportunities available through social media and digital channels. They deliver continuous service, offline and online and they strive to make healthcare more affordable. They have more than 110 years of experience with a solid reputation; they can adapt successfully to a challenging healthcare industry. Medihelp is one of the largest open medical schemes in the country and they cover more than 198,000 lives today.

Their hospital plan is Dimension Prime 1 from R1,134 per month. With benefits including:
• Major trauma that necessitates hospitalization.
• Emergency transport services.
• 24-hour helpline and trauma counselling.
• Pregnancy and baby benefits.
• Specialized radiology, and more.


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* Insurance that pays non-medical expense cover as a result of hospitalisation.
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