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All Aspects Business Insurance

  • What are the concerns of all business owners?

    There are a few things regarding every business that each owner is concerned about; the main concern is financing. Why? Below are a few reasons:
    Clients can claim various aspects like injury, mistakes, weak service, inferior quality products, or even death as a result of your company.
    Employers can claim against the company for injury, disability, poor management, false information, or even death as a result of your company.
    Damages to a business due to any natural disaster.
    Theft within the company or theft of office equipment, stock or cash, vehicles.
    Fire due to electrical shortage or negligence from a client or employer to any property.
    A private hire transport company, like Uber, if accidents or poor service occurs.

    Above is just a few reasons why a business should think about their finances. All the examples can lead to severe loss to funds if it should occur.

    What can a business owner do to prevent financial loss?

    There are various ways to save for financial loss; within companies, the best option would be to get business insurance in South Africa. There are numerous types of coverage for a company. If you have the finances to cover all aspects of your business would be ideal. Small business owners might not have the funds to do so, but large companies do.

    What types of business insurance are there in South Africa?

    • Professional Indemnity
    • General and public liability
    • Stock
    • Heavy trucking fleet
    • Goods in transit
    • Uber
    • Taxify
    • Taxi shuttle services
    • Motor only
    • General office contents or equipment
    • Construction or earth moving vehicles
    • Contractors all risk
    • Security companies
    • Tow trucks
    • Hospitality
    • Business legal
    • All aspects

    What does business insurance for all aspects stands for?

    If you can afford it, it means that you cover all aspects, risks, and liabilities of your company.

    If you are interested in covering your entire company, then make sure that you get quotes here online. We offer you the chance to get free quotes and a way to get into contact with an agent that can assist you until you are satisfied with the insurance company and plan. Even if you do not want to cover our entire company risks and liabilities, you can still apply here for the coverage that you do want to take out for your business.

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