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AIG Life Insurance

  • When it comes to protecting your loved ones and securing their financial future, choosing the right life insurance provider is crucial. American International Group (AIG) has been a trusted name in the global insurance industry for over 100 years. With its strong presence in South Africa since 1962, AIG offers a wide range of innovative products tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.

    Cancer Care Plan – Ensuring Financial Security During Difficult Times

    Dealing with cancer can be emotionally and financially draining. AIG’s Cancer Care Plan provides comprehensive coverage at any stage of illness diagnosis. The plan offers up to R500,000 paid on diagnosis that can be used as needed without tax deductions or limitations based on risk profile. This lump-sum payout ensures instant relief during challenging times while providing peace of mind knowing that all stages of cancer are covered except skin cancer.

    Critical Illness Cover – Protecting Your Well-being When It Matters Most

    Unforeseen medical expenses resulting from critical illnesses can have a significant impact on your finances even if you have existing medical insurance coverage.

    With AIG’s Critical Illness Cover, you receive a lump sum payment upon first-time diagnosis or hospitalization due to one out of five major critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack,
    stroke, heart disease requiring bypass grafts and kidney failure.

    Additionally, this policy also covers serious contagious diseases which may require ICU treatment.

    The cover ranges between R50,000 and R3000 depending on individual requirements ensuring affordable family protection against unexpected health challenges.

    Lifetime Personal Accident Insurance – Safeguarding Against Unexpected Accidents

    Accidents happen when we least expect them; therefore being prepared is essential. A lifetime personal accident policy offered by AIG will provide up to r1 million worth of cover should an injury result in loss of income. This means whether accidents occur at work or while travelling, you’ll remain financially protected. The policy also offers a financial expense benefit, providing access to an advance of up to R10 000 within three working days from receipt of documentation and claim approval for final expenses.

    Additionally, if you are travelling outside South Africa’s borders, you will remain covered for up to three months at a time.

    Daily Health Benefit – Covering Non-Medical Expenses During Hospitalization

    Hospitalization not only incurs medical bills but also other daily expenses that can add up quickly. AIG’s Daily Health Benefit provides cash payouts during hospital stays to cover non-medical costs such as travel, meals, data and airtime. With coverage of up to R1,000 per day, this plan ensures peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of while you focus on recovery. The instant cover starts immediately after the first premium payment has been made in case if accident-related hospitalisation


    AIG Life Insurance stands out among its competitors by offering comprehensive life insurance solutions tailored specifically for individuals’ needs in South Africa. With their Cancer Care Plan, Critical Illness Cover, Lifetime Personal Accident Insurance, and Daily health benefits, AIG aims at ensuring complete protection against unexpected events throughout one’s lifetime. Whether it be covering cancer diagnosis or critical illnesses, the loss of income due to accidents or even everyday living costs when hospitalized. AIG strives towards delivering innovative products with a broad range of options backed by international expertise making them reliable choices amongst many South Africans

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